✪✪✪ Race Differences In Repeat Offenders: A Literature Review

Friday, August 20, 2021 1:36:22 PM

Race Differences In Repeat Offenders: A Literature Review

Substances of abuse that promote violence. Mitch Roslin who did the study. Garcia-Coll, C. Womens attempts to get off drugs and their failure to Race Differences In Repeat Offenders: A Literature Review partners with drugs through prostitution often elicit violence from the Race Differences In Repeat Offenders: A Literature Review however, many women remain attached to partners despite neglect and Race Differences In Repeat Offenders: A Literature Review. Working Paper. Cancel Reply. Joe Paluka Race Differences In Repeat Offenders: A Literature Review.

Doing a literature review

This guy is percent Northwestern European. He is white and nothing else. Another thing the Lewontin crowd love to say is that human beings are But even if people differ in only 0. Small genetic differences can have huge effects. Babies notice race before they can even talk. Race shows up in medicine all the time. Hispanic women get cervical cancer at twice the rate of white women. Sickle cell anemia and the hemolytic anemia are found almost exclusively in blacks and have a direct genetic cause. This article finds that whites are especially vulnerable to cystic fibrosis. They get it 7. Doctors have discovered the gene patterns associated with these differences.

Researchers have found the genetic causes, and this helps explain why blacks are 40 percent more likely than whites to die of colon cancer. A doctor who believed Richard Lewontin would be guilty of malpractice. In America, blacks are 34 percent more likely than whites to be obese. One reason is race differences in metabolism. This study found that if you put black and white women on exactly the same diet and exactly the same activity regimen, the white women lose more weight.

Mitch Roslin who did the study. Very occasionally, some of this slips into big media. He writes that there are genetic differences that completely account for the fact that black Americans are 70 percent more likely than white Americans to get prostate cancer. This is biology. Consider this video an onslaught of science. The race deniers look more idiotic all the time. When you find a dead body rotted beyond recognition, a forensic anthropologist can look at the bones and tell you the race. Programmers are spending millions trying to get artificial intelligence software to read X-rays and scans.

This gives AI a path to produce health disparities. How hard cant his be? And guess what: You have the same superpower. Three-month-old babies have the same superpower. How much longer can this foolishness last? Richard Lewontin would be very proud of the evil that lives on. Jared, another excellent article…with lots of substantiation…very impressive. Taylor, as usual, fails to mention that Lewontin was an Ashkenazi Jew. Does Taylor recognize that their DNA is somewhat different from Gentiles, or does he believe there is no genetic difference? Why is the JQ a subject he avoids like the plague? Regarding genetic differences, does that help explain why so many US marriages are unhappy and end in divorce?

Nordics marry Italians, and French marry Russians. Does the fact that their ancestors came from different cultures, with thousands of years of evolutionary history, help to explain it? Not even getting into black-white bonding pushed by Kalergi Globalists, would Nordics be happier if they married fellow Nordics, and if Italians married fellow Italians? Orthodox Jews in the US are aghast that so many of their children marry gentiles, thus diluting their tribe? Does the fact that Whites in the US, coming from so many different Euro ethnicities, help explain why they seem unable to band together to fight the inexorable tide out to destroy them? Evidently, there is hypocrisy at American Renaissance.

I tried to mention The Unz Review on their website, but it was rejected. So it is Okay for the Unz review to carry an article from Jared Taylor, but not to mention this website on American Renaissance. Why did the fans and Marx and Engels choose such an incompetent sculptor? On the other hand, scientific socialism found a buttonless way to keep vests fastened, with some kind of communist velcro. But I guess to a Mammonite, that counts. The Hindu Indians have earned their way in too, at least in Britain, so we can expect that Taylor will eventually welcome them too as fellow Whites.

What is the lesson from this? Never trust a Judas white. Do you have any evidence for these claims? And likewise this dubious theory would explain the concurrent rise in divorce rates in European countries since the s? European nationalities are not races. Negroids in Africa and Mongoloids in the Orient. Italy and Germany. The Vikings and Normans genetically link the English to the Nordic countries, northern France, south to Italy and Sicily conquered by Normans around the same time they conquered England , and way out east to the Kievan Rus, and Byzantine Roman Varangian Guard of Constantinople in the eastern Mediterranean….

European countries are smaller than U. All Europeans are about the same genetically as all Chinese in China; the countries of India and China alone each have populations double the size of the entire population of the continent of Europe. The sculpture is a fine example of the Marxist aesthetic itself: brutalism. China, Russia, Hungary, Poland all exist today as nations despite communism.

Unless there is serious repentance, the place referred to as the United States will likely be a memory in 50 years or less, ditto for Britain, France, Germany and the other satrapies of the evil empire. I had to do a double take when looking at that photograph of the white man in Africa. Maybe it would be better if he did. They live the way they do, think the way they do, and act the way they do to satisfy those genes, and not out of any real sense of justice or even justifiable revenge. But simply because they are filled with hate and all the rest and need targets. Everything else is literally a rationalization, an elaborate excuse. After all, a defining feature of all psychotics and psychopaths is a tenacious resistance to exposure.

AND The 15 percent, where there are racial patterns, produce the very clear differences we see between human groups. Does the He wants to take all of their contributions, intellectual superiority, etc. Levontin is from another era, when it was thought that Marxism was appliable to everything. Of course, it is not, it is an antiquated economic theory, and it is also wrong. You are beating a very dead horse. Proving that Levontin was wrong or lying changes nothing.

One could write a book about how the phlogiston theory was wrong and evil too. If you knew that George Stahl, of the phlogiston theory, was Jewish, you would write that book. Evil of Lewontin. Evil of Taylor. The only slim hope for the dying majority of Whites is, once again, secession, which senile Biden has promised to crush. The whole rotten edifice, as in the former USSR, will implode before that happens. Maybe they used the same discount Chinese sculpturer that they used for the MLK statue which made him look Chinese. The turning away from religion, feminism and easy divorce laws are the number one cause of the breakdown of the family in the western world today.

Before man-hating feminism became the norm, women respected men and men respected women. Women were happier with their role in life as were men. As for similar genetics making marriage more successful, genetics leads to culture an similarity of culture plays a part in a successful marriage. Countries with similar genetics with very few foreigners, still seem to suffer a high divorce rate. Good examples of this would be Iceland, the Scandinavian countries, Finland and the Baltic countries. Most white Americans have a similar culture and are generally far from their European roots, they share a similar view of life, most like beer, barbeque and football, the three linchpins of white American culture.

Lewontin like so many of his supposedly race-blind cronies somehow lived most of his adult life in lily white Vermont. His wife is not Jewish by the way. For some reason, young college women attending universities and supposedly learning to hate men wind up more likely to marry one and less likely to divorce him than their less-educated counterparts. Richard Lewontin, let me guess… a Jew. They broke up the patriarchal and ethnically-based British Empire in favor of a deracinated republic where Jews were immediately given citizenship. Just to be clear: no other country at the time gave citizenship to Jews, and for good reason.

But the Powdered Wiggers thought they knew better than all past generations. Two hundred years later, the US had Richard Lewontin and today, fifty years after that, Jewish influence has transformed the country into a dystopia where every single of aspect of life is marred by the corruption they devise and promote in numbers far disproportionate to their share of the population. The US is inherently bad because it was born out of radicalism and treason. That made Lewontin and his ilk inevitable. The sooner the final collapse of the Anal Empire happens, the better off White men worldwide will be, but in North America in particular. If race is just a concept, then black people were never enslaved.

Because there is no such thing as black people. Your other point about marriage of Germans and Italians makes little sense. I doubt this is the reason for happiness or unhappiness or the dissolution of the family. I know many pure and still relatively young German couples, all divorced with children early on. On the other hand, I know a German girl married to a Negro. Their marriage is still going strong. Jared is still glowing after his crushing victory against blacked shill E. Kikel Jones. Hail Jared! Putting aside for a moment the fantasy that people have as many genders as insects have different shaped sex organs. What in the world could possibly explain this? Probably because he is man. They get all the breaks. I do enjoy this discussion, but I am impatient to move to a higher level and begin organizing a political movement to destroy the african and jewish genomes down to the last atom.

A population like that and we could colonize the sun. Hispanic men are usually uncircumcised. The carriage of HPV, at least in the short term, in uncircumcised men is much greater than in circumcised men. It is the only valid fact regarding epidemiology and circumcision status. Their potential exposure to HPV is greater. Therefore cervical cancer incidence in Hispanics vs non-Hispanics is not inherently a racial thing based on genetics. Taylor went to Yale. Many believe he is a CIA plant or asset. Yale is a notorious hot bed of CIA recruitment. Taylor is also a businessman who worked in the Far East for a long time. Many other Jewish Neocons are his friends and many have connections to the Mossad and other Intelligence Agencies. He was born in Japan and is well educated in languages.

His article is correct about Lewontin. Quite a few people that I know that have had intelligence connections believe he is working for the government. But that is all. Some species have disappeared, but there are still several: at least three usually defined as such: Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid but in fact there are several others. Lets try to understand the genetic differences underlying racial differences or identities. First the number of chromosomes- no,it has no relevance. Have you noticed that those who promote bastardization the true result of mixing races and species NEVER apply it to themselves?

Not only that, but they promote strict inbreeding and even forbid outbreeding under penalty of exclusion. The implication, that it would be fine if the races and groups based on shared ancestry that obviously exist, exist, is one that is taken seriously by these very confused authors. Franz Boas, who also settled in the early 20th century Jewish ghetto in New York was the father of this. Thus the technocratic state leaders are absolved of responsibility.

Have you noticed that those who promote and help the massive immigration of non-Europeans, especially from Black Africa, North Africa and the Middle East, to non-European countries, forbid it at home? That is why people pretend there are no races or are horrified artificial intelligence can perceive the obvious. It is also politically correct and is rewarded by the biggest racists of all to hide their duplicity. And the goyim go along with it just as good funding goes with it. I have a friend who is a white nurse within the London Chinese community. She says almost all Chinese get up late and spend most of the night working or socialising.

Blacks noticeably are unable to cope with sub zero temperatures and in winter in the UK take a disproportionate amount of time off. There are lots of other anecdotes that proves races have differences…blacks make a lot of noise, Asians are addicted to food, whites tend to work and save for a rainy day, blacks spend their money on frivolities, Islamists are addicted to sex. In multicultural societies people of one colour or one culture tend to stick together. Thus you get black ghettos, Latino ghettos, white enclaves, Jewish quarters, Chinese communities etc. There are a couple points that I feel are worth making, as someone who once bred and trained Jack Russell Terriers for fun.

First, genetic traits in dog breeds are the result of deliberate inbreeding and they begin disappear with out-breeding, and go away with lots of out-breeding, as I discovered when one of my females mated with a non-Jack. That different breeds of dogs can interbreed means that they are more genetically similar than dissimilar, at least in the sense of heritable variant genes, which is why, say, a dalmatian can mate with a golden retriever, but not a common house cat. Second, genetic traits in a dog breed are not a given even with highly selective breeding. At one point, I had a Jack that was skinny and wire-haired, one that was uncommonly short and excessively fat , two that were stereotypically sized and colored though was dumb as rocks and the other was to clever for her own good , and one that was taller than typical and a malcontent.

All of these dogs were genetically Jacks, but were also genetically dogs, and so inherited traits that were atypical of their breed but common of their species, because sub-species ate not limited to the genetic potential of their sub-species alone. Third, I also had dogs of other breeds at the same time and can say that the Jacks were able to live harmoniously with other breeds in spite if genetic differences. I like to believe this is because I was a good trainer and dig master who worked hard to keep them in line and maintain a pack hierarchy, but perhaps I was just lucky. Anyway, my point is simply that generic differences in dog breeds are not an intrinsic cause of violent conflict between them.

In fact, from what I can tell, wild dogs are more likely to fight each other than domesticated dogs of differing species that live within the same pack read: household. To bring this point to humanity, of we believe that humans have free will, then there is no point in obsessing over genetic differences because those can be overcome by education and social training.

Dig this: million years ago, there were no humans and no cats. But there was an animal from which humans and cats descended. The so called Indian Hindoo Brahmins look more like the modern day Puerto Ricans at the best or darker Afghanis at the least… no more, no less. I am guessing that the reason that Mr. Taylor and other White advocates avoid mentioning Jews is because of their immense political, propagandistic, and financial power. If you cross Jews, they can literally destroy you and your family. For example in Germany, if you discuss Jews, you will be imprisoned.

I like the symbolism of their positions. Photos and paintings of the time representing a couple conventionally had the wife seated and the husband — the provider and protector— standing at her side. Marx, who was kept most of his life by Engels, is shown in this sculpture in the appropriate uxorial position. Did you read the article? It still wants to force its ideology on science, quite successfully.

On the contrary, by examining an X-ray, AI can discern race and therefore susceptibility to different illnesses. In most cases this will not be a big deal, but it can only help with diagnosis and treatment. Attempting to suppress this capability of AI is not only bad for medicine, but has even more sinister implications. People get mad when AIs do or say politically incorrect things. What if it's hard to prevent them from drawing such conclusions, and the easiest way to fix this is to teach them to hide what they think? That seems a scary skill to start teaching AIs. Tim Wise looks as White European as his neighbors. That Jews are anti-White is their main malfunction and the measure on which they should be judged.

Size matters. We benefit from free travel, and language thru We sacrifice some liberty for convenience. North Dakota Indians want to take the entire state and secede. Middle Eastern? If anything, Taylor showed us that friendly treatment of Jews means, at best, accusations of anti-semitism, but spoken rather than shouted. The man is still far from a household name. Given the power of the anti-white left, gentile and Jewish especially in the U. As I said in a previous comment on another thread , I can find a Phd to argue that a piece of shit with peanuts and a spoon stuck in it and covered in chocolate sauce is a chocolate sundae.

His conclusion would be something like this. There is no such thing. Therefore people should not be concerned about other people supplanting them because we are replacing ourselves. One exception is Jews. That this warfare involved the rejection of Logos , the killing of reality and the nifty trick of reframing biology as a Category of the Mind which is then wielded as a weapon against those who want Truth, including Jared Taylor demonstrates that you are both correct. Jared Taylor on the reality of race and Jones on the uselessness of those facts against the current enemy.

The supply of husband material is qualitatively better, in most cases. Plus the 2 or 3 percent of women who really do hate men are generally much more vocal and their views are more likely to make the Nightly News with Walter W. And their quips are more attention getting. Buy your cookies here. Fortunately, most of the time, nature triumphs over stupidity, no matter how elegantly stated. There is not much to gain from the so-called Marxist philosophy. It is a 19th C alloy of Hegelianism and various strands of Darwinian type of evolution, all soaked in apocalyptic mythology. Later, Engels repeated them in the posthumously published book on philosophy of nature Einstein, when German Social Democrats offered him to read the manuscript before the publishing, somewhere in the s, observed that, while it may contain a valuable material for the history of natural philosophy, it is an example of the way how a physicist should not think.

But it is amazing that while Jews are vigorously pushing for massive Third World immigration into all White countries, and relentlessly pushing multiculturanism and the Holocaust story, they prohibit all immigration into Israel except Jewish immigration , fight viciously against multiculturalism and miscegination for Jews, opperate the largest and longest-running concentration camp the world has ever known Gaza , and at this very moment are committing a Holocaust against the poor Palestinians. Of course a few moral Jews are horrified by the behavior of their race, but too few to make a difference.

With the manifest failure of our multi trillion dollar utopian nation building project in Afghanistan out of the way. Well,if you need to sharpen your debating skills he is your guy. He is spinning mendacious narratives but the performance is abso-f…-lutely brilliant. Meanwhile Forensic Anthropology is progressing by leaps and bounds. Listening to music is an education in itself and many times it opened your pea brain , in what was really going down on the streets and with the Man. What about the extraordinarily large number of mixed male white female oriental couples?

I see them everywhere. Most of these unions came out of contacts made in colleges and universities. The number of female white male oriental couples is smaller but not insignificant. They can only interbreed up to a point and the further in genetic distance you get the more likely there will be complications. But more importantly none of what you shared about dog breeding changes the basic fact that differences exist to a degree that affects outcome. Everyone accepts this in dogs and no one and I mean NO ONE thinks you can just replace a pointer with a yorkie and get the same outcome. Oh ok so gaps in education that liberals have spent billions on fixing are merely a matter of education and social training?

Billions upon billions spent on race denial based theories were never needed? Less hygienic than whites. Take your fake ethnic classifications and genital mutilation advocacy elsewhere. He was just a modern day Franz Boas. The Jewish diaspora peddles racelessness to the guilty and masochistic white goyim who they live among and exploit. But the Jewish strategy has changed and suddenly race is real and whites have immutable characteristics that make them irredeemably evil according to CRT theory. Most Whites on the street will think you are stark raving mad if you talk about Jewish scientists.

Most liberals watch TV and have their emotional desires affirmed by corny shows like Law and Order. Liberal intellectualism is mostly fiction just like their theories. They view that as part of the past and now view White women and mulattoes as the future. I know that the prerequisites for this have been established by the work of innumerable individual women and, in particular, by the work of their female leaders. The National Socialist Movement has not only seen but also found in woman its most loyal assistant from the time of its conception onwards. I remember the time when there were those among us who turned back, believing that we would never make it in the end; a time in which the spirit pervading Germany arrogantly believed that it could approach the problems only from the angle of reason, and when many lost faith in us as a result.

I know that back then there were innumerable women who remained unshakably loyal to the Movement and to me. At that time, the power of emotion truly proved itself to be stronger and better. We have seen that the clever mind can be misled only all too easily, that ostensibly intellectual arguments can cause men of weak intellect to falter, and that it is particularly in these times that the most profound inner instinct of preservation of the self and of the Volk awakens in a woman. Woman has proven to us that she knows what is right!

In those times when the great Movement seemed, to many, to falter and all were united against us, the stability and sureness of emotion prevailed as stable factors when confronted with brooding intellect and supposed knowledge. For only very few are endowed with the talent of penetrating superficial knowledge to the most profound inner meaning. But this most profound insight is ultimately the root of the world of emotion. That which perhaps only few philosophically gifted intellects are capable of analyzing scientifically can be sensed by the nature of an unspoiled human being with instinctive certainty. The feeling and, above all, the nature of woman has always acted throughout the ages as a supplement to the intellect of man.

And if at times in the course of human life the working spheres of men and women have shifted to become unnaturally aligned, this happened not because woman aspired to rule over man; rather, the reason lies in the fact that man was no longer capable of completely fulfilling his task. That, of course, is the miraculous thing about Nature and Providence: no conflict is possible in the relations between the two sexes as long as each fulfills the task assigned to it by Nature.

The German woman will never need to emancipate herself in an age supportive of German life. She possessed what Nature gave her automatically as an asset to maintain and preserve; just as the man, in such an age, never had to fear that he would be ousted from his position in respect to woman. Only when he was no longer sure of himself in recognizing his duty did the immortal instinct of survival and preservation begin to revolt in woman. For her world is her husband, her family, her children, and her home. But where would the larger world be if no one wanted to care for the small world? How could the larger world survive if there was no one who would make the cares of the smaller world the content of his life?

No, the large world is built upon this small world! This greater world cannot survive if the small world is not firm. However, these two worlds are never opposed to one another. They mutually complement each other, they belong together, just as man and wife belong together. One of the worlds is home to the power of feelings, the power of the soul! The other is home to the power of recognition, the power of toughness, of resolution, and of fighting morale!

In one case, this power requires the full willingness of the woman to devote her life to maintaining and multiplying this important cell, and in the other case it requires the willingness of the man to safeguard life. What a man sacrifices in struggling for his Volk, a woman sacrifices in struggling to preserve this Volk in individual cases. What a man gives in heroic courage on the battlefield, woman gives in eternally patient devotion, in eternally patient suffering and endurance. And hence both must mutually value and respect each other by recognizing that each part is accomplishing the task assigned to it by Nature and Providence. The performance of these two tasks will necessarily result in mutual respect. What the Jewish intellect maintains is not true-that respect is determined by the overlapping of the spheres of activity of the two sexes-but rather this respect requires that neither of the sexes endeavors to do what belongs to the other.

This respect ultimately lies in the knowledge of each half that the other is doing everything necessary to maintain the whole! Therefore, woman throughout the ages has always been the helpmate of man and thus his most loyal friend, and man, too, has been the protector of his wife throughout the ages and thus her best friend. And both perceived in this manner of living the common foundation for the existence of what they loved, and of its continued subsistence in the future. Woman is an egoist in maintaining her small world, putting man in a position to preserve the greater world, and man is an egoist in maintaining this greater world, for the one is indissolubly bound up with the other. We will stand up against an intellectualism of the most depraved sort which would tear asunder what God hath joined.

Because woman originates in the most basic root of all, she is also the most stable element in the preservation of a people. Ultimately, she has the most infallible sense for whatever is necessary to prevent a race from ceasing to be, for her children would bear the major brunt of all the suffering. Man is often far too mentally instable to find the right path by means of these basic insights. However, given favorable times and a good education, man will know just as well what his task is. We National Socialists have therefore protested for many years against deploying woman in political life, for in our view this would be unworthy.

A woman once said to me: you must see to it that women join parliament, for woman alone is capable of ennobling it. I do not believe, I replied to her, that human beings were meant to ennoble what is bad by its very nature, and a woman who became caught in the gears of this parliamentary system would not ennoble parliament; rather, this system would dishonor such a woman. I do not want to leave something to women which I intend to take away from men.

Our opponents claimed that we would then never gain women for the Movement. But we have gained more than all of the other parties put together, and I know that we would have won over every last German woman had she been given but one opportunity to study parliament and the degrading role women play there. It is thus that we have strengthened the new National Socialist Volksgemeinschaft, thus that we have gained, in millions of women, the most loyal and zealous fellow fighters. Female fighters for a life together in the service of together preserving our life. Fighters who fix their gaze not upon the rights which a Jewish intellectualism pretends to offer them, but upon the obligations which Nature has burdened upon us all.

For what would be the purpose of our fighting and struggling if there were not something to come after us which can make use of and pass on what we attain today for its own benefit and avail? Why else the worry and the suffering? For the mere sake of an idea? Only for an idea? Only for a theory? No, that would not be worth traversing this earthly vale of tears. The only thing which allows us to overcome all of that is shifting, our gaze from the present to the future, away from ourselves to that which is growing up to follow us. A few moments ago, I spoke before the youth rally. It is a glorious thing to look out over this golden youth in the knowledge that it will one day be Germany when we no longer exist!

It will preserve the sum of what we are creating and building up. It is for this youth that we are working. That is the real purpose of the entire struggle! And in recognizing this, the most elementary and lapidary goal of Nature, the labors of the two sexes will logically and rightfully fall into place for us, no longer in conflict, but in a common fight for the real life. You, my female party comrades, are waging this battle as leaders, organizers and helpers. You have joined in taking on a glorious task. That which we wish to shape within our Volk on a large scale is that for which you must internally form a firm support and a solid foundation.

You must impart spiritual and emotional reinforcement and stability from within! In this battle which we are waging today for the freedom, equality of rights, honor, and peace of our Volk, you must be a complement to man, so that we can prevail as real fighters before our Volk and for our Volk with our sights set on the future. Then strife and discontent will never be able to flare up between the two sexes, but they will instead traverse this life fighting together, hand in hand, fulfilling the wishes of a Providence which created both of them for this purpose. And then the blessings of these mutual endeavors will not be withheld. Then no mad fight over theories will flare up, then man and woman will not turn against one another because of false notions, for then the blessing of the Almighty will rest upon their joint struggle for life!

Sub-saharan Africa has the lowest IQs in the world. I quit reading American Renaissance after almost every comment I posted was censored. Thanks to UNZ, we have a voice. Why is there so much focus here on Jews that sell race denial while conservative masters of the practice like Rush and Hannity are given a pass? All while living alone in a mansion in a liberal area with his cat and talking about the importance of family values.

A True White Hero. Rush had millions and at any point could have spilled the beans. Instead he preferred to talk about football and censor any honest talk of racial differences. I fail to see a difference other than Gould sold books while Hannity sells through Tide commercials. What could be holding back Baltimore? Big government? I think one of the Founders was clear that the US would succeed because its people came from one common stock.

Maybe people dedicated to Enlightenment values assumed ALL people would rationally see that their future lay with the new order. That was the real radicalism and treason, foreshadowing that of Now I know why they removed math and reading skills in order to graduate from K For me, the question is settled. The essayist you mention in the article is not a scientist but a politician, an ideologue, a propagandist with a political agenda. Real geneticists and anthropologists published unquestionable works about races and differences between races. The most recent discoveries only reinforce this. What do you suppose happens if a female Chihuahua is artificially inseminated with a St. If Mr Taylor is so much in thrall to the Jews as some on here claim he is, then why would he dare to write an article critical of Professor Lewontin in the first place?

Well, this is a correct statement re. Actually, commenters as such, because most of them are as dumb as a sack of hammers. Do you dream of a traditional, religious, free-market society with small government, low taxes, and no gun control, where same-sex marriage is illegal, and abortion, divorce, prostitution, and illegitimacy are scorned? There are such places: the tribal areas of Pakistan and Somalia. Do you see the pattern?

Even when they violate your principles, white people build good societies. One reason Taylor may be open to Jews, or at least neutral toward them, could be his religious affiliation. We must remember that Taylor was born in Japan to missionary parents. Further, Taylor may be Presbyterian, and this denomination has an affinity for Jews bordering on adulation. Taylor could clear this up for us by being a little more transparent about these issues. Yes, it does. And Europeans joined in support of the European Union are in the same situation.

Genomes are differentiated by how they are arranged, not by what is in them. Given that there are maladies that are more prevalent in certain races, I would argue that the ability of AI to determine the difference is a superpower for good, not evil. The users and developers of this software are morons. Honestly, how does utter shit such as this article even cut mustard any more? Who reads this stuff and is compelled by it? We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

First thing I wondered, is Lewonton a Jew. Turns out yes and Taylor neglects…. However, someone riddle me this, if a kid has a white parent and a black parent, is the kid white or black, I mean biologically? If the kid marries an Oriental and has a kid, is that kid white, black, or Oriental, and would the medicine targeting black people still work on the kid? And so on. When does the DNA change? Did he mean attitudinally? Would you rather have high-IQ arrogance and evil giving you propaganda for news, making you get vaxxed, writing laws and casting judicial decisions that continually screw you over, and causing black ghetto problems, or would you rather just live in peace with average and lesser IQ people?

Maybe he honestly considered himself a Marxist or some such, but the question is… did he devise his worldview to conform to Marxist ideology or did he selectively employ Marxism to serve an essentially tribal mindset? If he were a true Marxist, he surely would have condemned Zionism and Israel as well, as well as the very notion of Jewish Identity. Did he? If not, it suggests he merely used Marxism as a tool to subvert white racial identity and consciousness not so much in the service of universalism but to make deracinated whites serve the still standing identity of Jewishness.

Indeed, the history of Marxism shows that many adopted communism in service to nationalism. Cuban communism was about Cuban nationalism. Vietnamese communism served Vietnamese nationalism. Communism was ultimately subordinate to nationalism. But this ultimately perverts white universalist liberalism as well. After all, Jews not only demand that whites surrender white identity in favor of universalism but also demand that whites suck up to Jews.

Total bait-and-switch. If a good white guy favors a bad white guy over a good Jewish guy, he is an anti-semite. But if good whites should favor good Jews over bad whites, does it also mean good Jews should side with good whites against bad Jews? Notice how this works? But if this is the way of Jewishness, is Jewish Goodness possible? But it gets even worse. But if good whites support bad Jews, how can they be good whites when they aid and abet Jewish Evil?

No wonder the US is so messed up. Drunk American woman who has passed out in the subway…. Freedom is great in the West. Everyone and I mean everyone in medicine is aware of racial differences. There all kinds of race based formulas that are used daily. I have seen this before with certain studies. The investigators act surprised because it is the only way they can continue to get funding.

I disagree…. Marxism is class based, not religion or ethnicity based, if Lewontin were a Marxist he would be anti-Zionist and anti-Israel. In fact, Marxism goes deeper, is really based on evolution and hence hates religion, so there is no way a true Marxist would ever favor any religiously-based anything. However…if he saw Judaism as a national enterprise, not a religion, which may be the true way of seeing it since 70 AD, then maybe a classless jewish state as the start of the worldwide revolution would fit Marxism…. We just went over this in another thread. There is no class based Marxism anymore. Marxists know they look like idiots if they try to push Marxist economics.

You mistake here is assuming that Marxists care at all about being ideologically principled or consistent. In fact they even promoted Communism as pro-Islamic. Did it matter that Marx called for all religions to be destroyed? Obviously not. We see this today with the left. They give a special pass to Islam even though it stands against everything they supposedly support. They are an alliance of the resentful and will happily side with anyone that is anti-White or anti-Christian.

Marx was a bitter loser as well. Never ran a business and thought he could redesign Western economics from the ground up from his living room while sometimes taking a break to shag his maid. Their Sampson Option, according to Sy Hersh. According to extraordinary passed-away journalist, Michael Collins Piper, Taylor is a Mossad asset, a false opposition. Jews play all the cards they can get. Andrew Sabisky, a UK government adviser, recently resigned over comments supporting eugenics. Maybe his major donors are Jews. And Jews like to cover every angle possible. They can hate Whites on the one hand and pay off with the other hand a guy like Jared that defends Whites. Of course, he will never blame the ones who have him on his payroll.

Pit bulls in a dog park, for example, will not mingle with pit bulls more than they will mingle with any other breed. In other words, they do not have a special attraction for dogs of their own breed. Dogs are breed-blind. Liberals like pro-pit-bull-advocates, wrongly assume that if dogs are breed-blind, humans are also race-blind. They forget that humans were naturally selected to recognize those of their breed or race. So if you mix a bunch of people from different races, in a jail or in a high school for instance, they will eventually mingle with those that are genetically similar to them theory of genetic similarity by Philippe Ruston: people are naturally attracted by people who have similar genes.

This is not at all the case for dogs or any other domestic animal of the same species. But wild animals will mingle according to their breed. There are hundred of breeds of ducks, they are all ducks first and foremost but they divide naturally into their respective breeds because of natural selection. The same for humans, unless they are forced to do otherwise by totalitarian types of ideologues like Trudeau and friends. When someone writes an article implicating Rush and Hannity as complicit in perpetuating equalitarian propaganda I will gladly chime in.

But I will say that Rush when he was alive and Hannity passively go along with the racial status quo to protect their status. Their crime was in not contradicting the lies. Rush, Hannity and the rest of conservatism, inc. Stop making excuses for them. Rush had millions of dollars stored away from race denial and could have broken from the status quo. No one forced him to sit on millions of dollars and live with his cat.

The guy was a lying entertainer that knew full well that race existed. Our Anglo elites are not some innocent pawns of Jews. They have chosen greed and globalism over their own people. An Anglo by the name of Abraham Lincoln lied to the masses, shut down the press and kept his real opinions about race to himself. Wilson got us into WW1 and supported lying about race. Nixon was secretly recorded talking about racial realities and yet expanded affirmative action on his own accord. Oh but this is Unz where all these powerful men are all just poor wittle victims of Jews. They are afraid of another Hitler coming along and ruining their precious stock market.

That is the harsh truth that few here can face. All they care about is making sure their kids can inherit their wealth and any talk that could undermine the system scares them. If racial realism even starts to go mainstream I guarantee our wealthy Anglo elites will dump millions into race denial think tanks. They will hire every unemployed Lewontin they can find to tell the dirty masses that their lying eyes deceive them. Anything to keep the Whites from learning the great lie. Even if we play their semantic game and toss the word race that still leaves the question if humans have subspecies. Humans are given an exemption to the standard taxonomic definition of subspecies because humans. That is really the answer. What they really want is for people to stop thinking and just accept the status quo which is to blame Whites for everything.

My impression is that Taylor is not really bothered by or beholden to anything specifically jewish. I think he sees the higher-IQ set generally, including Jews, as his hoped for audience. It must be frustrating that he knows that so many of that description see him as an enemy and a bad guy. Taylor would clearly rather live next door to a Lewontin than to a newly-rich rapper, no matter how much grease the former may have thrown on the fires of racial tensions.

When it detaches form the tribe directly it tends to go looking for other ways to assert itself. The gentile elites are terrible people as well. I find a lot of typo errors in your comment. But I have some relevant questions. Your post has opened my eyes. It is not an easy task to pin down the role of the genetic on the race. Not a single human trait of higher cognitive functioning can be yet traced to the population genetic map. Genes do facet brain developments just like it does affect any other organ developments. These are shared genes with location and tissue specific expressions. Moderate to severe mental retardation of non -traumatic origin do show abnormal development across organs. But we do not see that in mild or borderline intellectual functioning and we cant find meaningful difference between normal low normal and high IQ persons.

They actually have no Semitic blood. Sephardic Jews appear to have a small amount of Semitic blood. All evidence of Ashkenazi connection to the middle east comes either from intermarriage to Sephardic Jews, or recent immigration. He was the lead stirrer-upper of trouble at the University of Chicago during the Kent State ordeal, when I was a grad student. Anglo elites are no more. The World would be better off without Jews, not Anglos. Henry Ford types held Jews back.

I know a guy here with a very small amount of Jew blood but he defends Jews regularly. Anyone defending Jews or shifting blame onto White groups is sus. That is certainly the ideal and it should never be compromised. OTOH, there are some parents who are so bad that the child is better off without them. Unfortunately, this is becoming ever more common with the opioid epidemic and associated criminality. Yet, his concern for optics and normie sensibilities go out the window in regards to the female half of the White community he claims to represent, so I call b.

Follow the shekels. At some point you shift from worrying about staying on the air to something more significant. The kind of lockstep silence about race and immigration we have seen for these past few decades could not possibly have come about without top-down control of some sort. Someone would have spoken up. Not one single White person disagreed? Come on! That is just not credible. These people are marionettes. This is part of a much bigger problem. The Duran is one such website. It deals mainly with Russian and East European matters. When I tried to link to a Karlin article at UR, it rejected my comment. The same goes for other UR articles. RI editor, Baussman, had let contributors deal frankly with the JQ.

This was too much for Lavelle. As its main sponsor, Lavelle obviously calls the tune at the Duran. Why is there so much focus here on Jews that sell race denial while conservative masters of thethat sell race denial while conservative masters of the practice like Rush and Hannity are given a pass? These people are indoctrinated; their promotion of race-mixing does not come from themselves, they repeat the propaganda with which they were impregnated. Same phenomenon in religion: converts are often more fanatical than those born in the said religion. Priss you are behind the times. If we did not have these Chimps graduating from school with an average grade of Z, I would have to wait longer for my fast food order.

As usual, when we highlight the sophisticated behaviour of Blacks we get a sophisticated counter comment from Truffles. I really dont even know why they bother to go to school. One reason could be that there is not much left to steal and all street corners have already been claimed by this and that gang. The harsh reality that few here can handle is that when Anglos get wealthy they go globalist.

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See Illinois v. In looking Race Differences In Repeat Offenders: A Literature Review the profile of women in the system, the Race Differences In Repeat Offenders: A Literature Review between women and men, and the Reflective Portfolio Letter of level of burden, three critical and Race Differences In Repeat Offenders: A Literature Review issues in womens lives can be seen: mental sleep no more macbeth, substance abuse, and thesis student loans. C Andrews, D.

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