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Reflective Portfolio Letter

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ENG-106 Formatting and Creating Reflective Letter

I enjoy writing as well as learning. I thought I had known all that was needed in the area of writing and since I knew all that there was to know in writing then this was just going to be a simple step to take for my degree. I soon learned that was not to be so; that while I had strengths in some of the areas, there was a lot that I had weakness in which I would need to know in order to pass this class. In the beginning I had to turn myself around from what I would normally have use as a writing format to do an essay. I have learned that it was so much more then just sitting and writing down words on a sheet of paper. I have also learned what writing philosophy is all about. That it is communicating information and ideas to one another, which involves three main parts: Thinking, Writing, and Speaking.

It is a basic fact that there are many different forms of content that will require different types of writing. While if your trying to communicating complex ideas, you will need to take more of your time and space and present fuller detail information. Everything that I have learned in this class has help me build up my weakness's that I had. In my class for my three essays, I took one topic and broke it down to three separate sections.

Which was consited of "They say, I say, and then a combination of the two first essays. I learned how to write what the experts said on my topic, as well as cite sources in the correct format. Then proceed to express my opinions in own voice, then to be learn to be able to combine both of them together using some of the information from them while in same process actually end up actually write a whole essay on the topic. There is only so much I could say on one topic, before running out of words. This particular essay took me about four revisions before it was completed. One of the strength that I found that I had learned was how to have more critical thinking, thoughtful analysis of things.

I feel that I have learned to stay more focused during any of my revisions on staying with the point, but considering the counterarguments as well with tstraying from my opinion. While the conclusion was not what I had hoped it would have been it this class helped to get at least closer to where I would have been before. One of my goals that I had when I first began Writing was to learn how to write better introductions and conclusions.

On these type of essays it was hard for me to do this. My 4th essay was a persuasive one about Banning Junk from the Schools, and why this would be something that is of beneficial value to everyone involved. Writing my autoethnography is one thing that really surprised me this semester. When you told our class how we would be writing a ten page paper, I was dreading it. I never thought I would be able to find enough information to reach ten pages. However, when it came the time to actually sit down and write it, it all just came so naturally and I had no difficulty writing my autoethnography.

What was even more shocking for me, was that I actually enjoyed writing this paper. It was neat to see how everything all tied together in the end. I felt as if my autoethnography was a final reflection of the characteristics I have learned about myself throughout this semester. Writing this final reflective letter has really made me realize how much I have learned over this semester. In all of my other class I learn and remember things, however, I end up forgetting it down the road.

In this class though, I know I have took something from it that I will not forget. This is because it is a part of me and I will have it forever. My writing skills that I have learned will only continue improving from this point on and I have you to thank for that. I also really liked how you brought our class closer together. At the start of the semester, I went into that class only knowing one familiar face because I had went to high school with them. However, throughout the semester with the activities you have made us do together, I have connected with quite a few people.

In the other classes that I have, I could not even tell you the names of my classmates. This is because my professors do not take the time to let us socialize with each other and learn things about one another. I could even tell you a little about each person by getting to know them in class this semester. So thank you again for helping me achieve my goal of finding my voice as a writer and also for making a connection with some awesome people. RSS feed for comments on this post. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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